Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being


We caught up with one of Brazil’s favourite actors to find out why he’s joined #TOGETHERBAND as a Goal 3 Ambassador

By Hannah rochell
15 april 2020

Tell us about your family 

I grew up in Rio. I come from a family with a quite poor background, especially on my mum’s side. My grandmother is disabled - she was born with a problem in her legs. She didn’t get married but decided to adopt my mother and my aunt and raise them on her own. My aunt was schizophrenic and my mum also had some health problems too. We ended up losing my auntie. She died suddenly and we didn’t know what was going on at the time because we didn’t really have the money to do much about it. I think this helped me to become a more focused and determined person with a good character. I have pleasure helping people around me to have a better life too. 

For those of us who haven’t been lucky enough to visit, what is Rio like? 

Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil. We have the sea right next to the mountain, and we also have a large area with Atlantic Rainforest. Unfortunately we have recently lost quite a bit here in Brazil, but Rio still has some of it.Rio doesn’t offer a very efficient health system which is a big problem, not only in Rio but in the whole of Brazil. I think I’m being cliche but it’s a Brazilian thing to use difficulties to evolve and enrich the way we see life. That helps us to find contentment and happiness; that’s the way we get around hard times. We have a healthy lifestyle and we need very little to be happy, but we are also very proud and vain. 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

You hear from many scientists that in 10 years’ time things are going to change: temperatures are rising, icebergs are melting, ocean temperatures will change, and sadly big nations including Brazil are not listening to them. That deeply upsets me but I don’t want to adopt a pessimistic point of view, so I’m trying to be a good example by joining in this campaign. 

Why are you supporting Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being? 

I believe well-being involves many different things related to health; the way we think, the way we eat, the way we walk through our paths in society. It involves ecology, involves the way we interact with one another. 

How has this Goal affected you personally? 

I lost my mum to cancer this year after a 5-year battle and one of the important things I have learnt from this journey is that people have to be open to change. I think this journey reconnected me even stronger with how my body works, what I eat, how I think about things. I exercise in a different way now. 

Who are you sharing your second #TOGETHERBAND with? 

My 7 year-old daughter. Fatherhood makes you learn so much. I’m very thankful to my daughter’s school for teaching her so much about ecology and sustainability. They also show her how society needs to change the way we interact with one another. My daughter is living in a time when women are more empowered and I think this is extremely important. That actually affects my work directly as the stories now are written in a different way. I try to be an example to her by living in a way that expresses my beliefs and values. Of course a 7 year old kid doesn’t understand everything but we all learn many things that we don’t even know we are learning so I hope I can be an example to her by expressing what I believe in life.

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