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Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Kit Out Your Kitchen

Sustainable pots, planet-friendly pans and everything in between

17 august 2021

So you’re eating more plant based foods, freezing your leftovers and getting your groceries locally to reduce your carbon footprint in the kitchen - but want to take it one step further? Consider what you’re cooking in, what you’re eating from and what you’re washing up in. Fashion’s sustainable makeover is already well underway and we’re pleased to report that homeware is next, so we’ve rounded up the best sustainable products for the heart of your home - the kitchen. Remember, the most sustainable thing you can do is use what you already have, so don’t throw out perfectly usable pots and pans until you’re sure a replacement is necessary. But when the time is right, use our guide to kit out your sustainable kitchen.

Sustainable cooking

Always Pan

This chic looking pan may seem pricey on first impressions, but considering that this single pot is designed to replace 8 other pieces of cookware, the price tag suddenly seems a lot more palatable. Not only does this make the Always Pan a great space saver if you’re working with a smaller cupboard situation, it also means you don’t need to buy as many different individual pans to achieve different cooking effects. The pan itself is made from sustainable, non-toxic materials and assembled in factories that meet ethical standards and pay workers fairly for their labour. Always good to know.


Sous-Chef Dutch Oven

Metal pans that are made from cheap uncoated aluminum or stainless steel pose the risk of releasing toxic heavy metals into your food as you cook over time. When it comes to cast iron pans however, this is actually an advantage as small amounts of iron (iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world) can make its way into your dish, almost like taking a vitamin supplement from your pan! Cast iron pans are great for more than just the health benefits though, mostly because with proper care a good cast iron pan is something that can be passed down through generations. The Combekk Sous-Chef dutch oven is a great investment that will last a lifetime - perfect for boiling, roasting and braising, it also has the advantage of being made from 100% recycled cast iron.

From €99,

Mayflower Ceramic Non-Stick Wok

Traditional Teflon is what you see coating most cheaper pots and pans to achieve a non-stick surface. However, as it breaks down over time Teflon is in fact toxic - not good. The Mayflower Ceramic Non-Stick Wok is coated in Thermolon instead, a non-toxic alternative that creates a surface so smooth that you don’t need to use as much oil when cooking.


Coconut Wood Cooking Utensils

This lovely looking set of hand-carved utensils from Huski Home is made of coconut wood from trees that no longer produce fruit; shockingly the wood is a material that would usually go to waste. 


Konk! Array Chopping and Serving Boards

These modern asymmetrical chopping boards made by Konk's crafty Konkers in Bristol are the perfect solution to livening up what is usually a pretty boring kitchen staple. These handmade boards are crafted from recycled wood by UK furniture makers and are definitely built to last.

From £50,

Ethical tableware

Recycled Coloured Glassware

Milagros is one of East London’s treasures, with the physical store nestled on the famous Columbia Road which bursts into life every Sunday for the weekly flower market. Luckily for non-Londoners, this Mexican homeware store also boasts a well-stocked online catalogue of colourful goodies. The recycled coloured glassware is handmade by artisans and offers a wide range of colours and styles for you to mix and match, whether you’re shopping for tumblers or a statement water jug for the centre of your table.

From £6,

Ama Splatter Serving Bowl

Make an impression on your dinner party guests with these gorgeous splatter serving bowls. These contemporary pieces are made by artisans in Vietnam who handshape every platter, making each one unique.


Cork Mats | Mackerel

These handy mats are made from 100% natural cork grown in Portugal - the truly amazing thing about cork (apart from being heat and water resistant) is that even when removed from the tree it will continue to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Available as coasters or placemats, these cork mats feature a mackerel design screen printed in Cornwall - perfect for adding a rustic, coastal touch to your kitchen.

Starting from £2.75,

Old Romanian Bowls

RE is a gorgeous homeware shop with a physical store based in Northumberland and a plentiful online stock of ethically sourced treasures. Imagine yourself serving up a garden salad in one of these traditional handmade Romanian bowls - bliss.

From £17,

Tiny Tools

A sweet little set containing all the little utensils you never knew your kitchen needed. These bamboo utensils for serving honey, cheese, charcuterie and dips are made from USDA certified organic bamboo.


Beech Wood Kitchen Servers Set

Making salad tossing chic, these servers are made from sustainable beech wood and feature a white food grade grip. Their production is vegan, chemical free and plastic free - all the good stuff.


Turquoise Textured Mug

What’s better than sitting down with a comforting mug of tea? How about sitting down with a comforting mug of tea in a lovely handmade mug? Definitely better. Laura Lane makes the most wonderful studio ceramics and crockery in her Cornish studio with almost every one of her pieces made to order to avoid waste. Her earthy designs are inspired by the wild Cornish scenery and folklore of the county.


Eco-friendly washing up

Reusable Glass Dispenser

Refillables are undoubtedly the future when it comes to staying clean and green. So say goodbye to plastic bottles by the sink and make your washing up sustainable (and more stylish) with a reusable glass dispenser like this one from Bower Collective. Choose from scents such as Grapefruit or Lavender for your refill pouch and don’t forget to save the packaging to send back for recycling. If you’re sure of how much washing up liquid you’re going to get through, you can subscribe so you never run out.


Lecci Striped Linen Kitchen Towel

French tableware brand Harmony is a great option for bringing that certain sustainable je ne se quoi to your towel rack. We love their 100% stone-washed natural linen tea towels with a simple stripe pattern. Choosing a towel made from a natural fibre means that when it has reached the end of its life, it will biodegrade. It also means that upon washing it won’t release microplastics into the water - an important consideration for textiles such as towels which get thrown in the laundry very frequently.


Green Island Compostable Sponges

These nifty little sponges are made from cellulose plant fibre and loofah, making them vegan, super absorbent and 100% biodegradable - you can even compost them at home.

£6.95 for 3,

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