Goal 13: Climate Action

COP28: The Climate Activists Who Are Making Voices Heard

Here are some of the inspiring climate activists to be on the lookout for at COP 28.

By Jessica Jurkschat
22 November 2023

Youth climate activists continue to grab the attention of the world. And rightly so. Their passion, innovation, and commitment are critical in holding world leaders to account and in helping to ensure a more equitable and sustainable future for all. 

Here are some of the inspiring voices to listen to in 2023. 

Shamma Al Mazrui

H.E. Shamma Al Mazrui, Minister of Community Development, will be the first-ever Youth Climate Champion with a Ministerial role and will be responsible for engaging with youth globally in the lead-up to, and during, COP28 UAE. 

H.E. Al Mazrui is also the Vice Chair of the Arab Youth Center, the Secretary General of the Education and Human Resources Council, Chairperson for Special Olympics UAE, and President of the National Center for Education Quality.

Anas Hameeyae

Anas Hameeyae is a dedicated climate activist and environmentalist from Thailand. He’s currently pursuing a master's degree in Arabic, while he continues to organise and engage in activities related to climate change and youth empowerment. 

Alicia Ramdal

Alicia Ramdal is an Attorney-at-Law from Trinidad and Tobago. She is a passionate advocate for climate action, with a particular focus on human rights and gender equality. She strives to amplify underrepresented and youth voices in international climate discussions, ensuring their perspectives are heard and considered in climate policy negotiations.

Ruqia Abdullah

Ruqia Al-Gholi is an advocate for gender equality and environmental sustainability from Yemen. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Development from Sana'a University and is actively engaged in promoting women's empowerment and climate action in her community. Ruqia is dedicated to addressing climate challenges, particularly in vulnerable regions, and works towards creating awareness about the intersection of gender and climate issues.

Mario Galbert

Mario Galbert is a climate policy advocate from Jamaica who champions environmental rights and the upliftment of people of African descent, alongside his master's studies in International Public and Development Management at the University of the West Indies. Mario directs Children of the Maafa, coordinates the Caribbean Youth Climate Council and leads the Global Sustainable Development Network – all with a focus on NDCs, adaptation, and health.

Hoor Ahli

Hoor Ahli is an ambitious Emirati youth, pioneering in the field of environmental advocacy. Her journey started by taking part in local beach clean-ups, to participating in international conferences such as Pre-COP26, COP26, and COP27. Currently she is the Director of Legacy and Impact at Student Energy Summit 2023, where she strives to inspire and encourage students to reimagine the future of energy. 

Aurora Audino

Aurora Audino is an Italian youth and climate activist and expert on environmental management, climate, sustainability and compliance. She has participated as the ‘Italy Youth Climate Delegate’, across international fora and high-level meetings; amplifying youth perspectives on climate matters. As 2022 G7 Youth Italy head delegate and delegate for a sustainable and green planet, Aurora has represented her nation at prominent moments, including the Youth4Climate flagship event.

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